Facial Treatment


Why Liftera Cool?

Liftera Cool is a non-invasive lifting and contouring treatment for the face and neck area.


Liftera Cool

It's the first lifting treatment, using the original theory of Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT TM) and Active Conduction Cooling (ACC TM) technology. The treatment theory makes it possible to get heat energy transferred into the proper skin layers more effectively, which strengthens the skin tissue, so for face lifting to be realized.

Unlike conventional lifting techniques, Liftera Cool is much less painful for the patient, thanks to the cooled applicator with innovative thermo-dynamic design.

Theory of Face lifting and Sculpting
Precisely controller thermal energy can be applied to Dermis and SMAS layer, which are the target layers of the treatment in the skin, in two complementary ways of intensive Focusing and Diffusion. The thermal energy causes neo-collagenesis in the skin, which is a process of formation of new collangen in response to inflammation through the process of wound-repair.

Innovative Pen-type Applicator

Pen Applicator Treatment
Liftera Cool cpplicator provides minimal contact surface for easier treatment on curves area of the face.

Facial Skin Shape is not Flat at all, unlike the conventional HIFU procedure, Liftera Cool Lifting is able to be performed ona curved skin line by rubbing mode particularly, therefore the proper energy is delivered and spread closely to the skin.

A skilled doctor can perform faster and more effective treatment by using Lifera Cool Treatment time can be more saved than other HIFU devices by an experienced doctor as well. Morever, it is easier to apply the combination program with other procedures at the same time.

Active Conduction Cooling (ACC TM) Technology

Cooling Skin Surface by Active Conduction Cooling
World 1st, Patent registered, HIFU device with innovative thermo-dynamic design
Liftera Cool applicator cools the skin surface based on the Active Conduction Cooling (ACC TM) technology, which lowered pain level for the HIFU treatment. Thanks to the lowered pain level, treatment can be done with higher level of energy, which leads better result of the treament.

In case of other conventional HIFU treatment with hight level of energy in 3mm and 1.5mm depth, upper part of the thermal coagulation point could generate themal damage up to skin suface Cooling function of Liftera Cool application protects the superficial layers of the skin from such a side effect.

ACC TM technology is implemented with innovative thermo-dynamic design of the applicator. Micro refrigeration module is equipped in the applictor, which cools skin contact part of the applicator by thermal conduction.

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