Histroy Timeline of Beautisky International


Grand Opening!


Beautisky International Limited was established on 16th June,2001. Being the leader in introducing the SKIN LIGHT in the market, Beautisky achieved an outstanding performance and laid a solid foundation for further development.


"Be Professional" seminar


On 9th July, 2002, Beautisky organized the “Be Professional” seminar, Dr Ferrari and Dr. Francesco were invited from Italy to have the presentation of “Skin Light”, “Biocell” and “Xte skin analyze”. We also invited famous actors Simon Yam and Alice Lam to try and share the treatment. Over 600 professional beautician attended this successful seminar.



A new era - Light-based beauty


Beautisky introduced numerous light-based beauty devicessuch as BCF, SOFT 908 and SOFT 916 from Laserlife. Among them, SOFT 908 was the only laser which having 8 independent fiber radiation.  Being a leading distributor in our market, Mr. Jackie Chung, director of Beautisky had been invited by Metroradio as a guest to share the hair removal by IPL and the usage of precautions.


Light-based Beauty and New Technology Seminar ; Development of light-based beauty


On 14th July, 2004, the Light-based Beauty and New Technology Seminar was held. Dr. Brvin was invited from Italy to introduce the theory and details of “EMI, “Whiteskin, “Soft 916” and “BotoWhite”.


Taking responsibilities of defending the industry’s right and interests, Beautisky paid very concern about the government’s intention to monitor the medical devices and actively participates in conferences held by the industry on the issue.


Director Mr. Jackie Chung of Beautisky was invited by MetroRadio to discuss the efficiency and feature of IPL again.


Professional equipment and product - Widely reported by the media


Beautisky introduced the Light Mask to the market. This “mask” combined seven color, two-polar rays of natural sunlight - red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue and violet, each with its own distinctive seven colors that could solve a variety of skin problems.


The presentation of BOTOWHITE Firming & Whitening treatments on TVB program “ Pleasure & Leisure” created an immense response among consumers.  Finally, there was remarkable increase in the sales in those beauty salon who provided this treatment. 


Mr. Jackie Chung, Director of Beautisky, actively participated in the beauty industry and was elected by the Hong Kong Beauty Industry Association as Honorary Prime Minister.  Mr. Jackie Chung made a great contribution to the development of the industry.


Healthy slimming products - Detoxtreme


Beautisky was never stop finding ways to be leader in our industry.  Detoxtreme was newly developed from natural ingredients and the ultimate fiber for healthy slimming products. Popular singer Miss Yumiko Cheng was invited to the conference which was held on August 22, 2006. Yumiko, who had personally drunk, proved the remarkable effect of Detoxtreme in front of hundreds of beauticians.

European science and technology skin care expert Dr. Daniele Vendra visited Hong Kong, specializing in the introduction of RF PLUS mechanical RF liposuction instrument. The instrument re-arranged the positive and negative ions through bio-thermal energy, causing them to collide with each other to generate heat, which could soften, decompose and burn fat efficiently.

Our Director, Mr. Jackie Chung, shared with the audience the ways and achievements of his successful management in the industry when an interview was conducted with "The Secret of Success" on the Asian television program.


"Say goodbye to Acne" conference


On 19th April, 2007, the conference “Say goodbye to Acne” was held with detailed explanation of the equipment LIGHT PULSE from spot light, how to quickly eliminate the stubborn hard stains, such as hormonal spots, melasma, butterfly spot, embodied a major breakthrough in optical beauty industry.


Awarded the "2007 China Outstanding Enterprise in China Cosmetic & Cosmetics Industry (HKSAR)" by All-China Federation Of Industry CommerceBeautyculture&Cosmetics Chamber (CBC)which was highly recognized in outstanding performance and achievements. In the same year, the Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Award for Beauty Awards was awarded The "Top 10 Most Popular Golden Bauhinia Awards for Hong Kong Enterprises by Beauty Salons in China", proved that Beautisky has successfully sustained consumers’ loyalty and confidence.


The conference European new technology - Radio frequency sculpture and formulation of Hong Kong Slimming market


The conference European new technology Radio frequency sculpture and formulation of Hong Kong Slimming market “ was held by Beautisky. The Director of B.A.L Holdings Limited and the chief editor of HK Beauty were invited to share the process of Hong Kong's beauty industry and the significant results and performance with new technology and beauty slimming equipment.


Due to the rapid expansion of Beautisky, the office was relocated to Silvercord at Tsim Sha Tsui as to provide a better environment to the staff and customers.


Medical Beauty and Health Formula confernece ; MALAYSIA BEAUTY EXP


The press conference “Medical Beauty and Health Formula” was held on 22 May 2009. The conference was divided into two sections. The first session was to analyze the chest problems and market development while the second part was about the detoxification of life. Sharing by Dr. Natalie and the Master of Nutrition Dr. Delex Chan, the expertise provided a great benefit to the participants.


Beautisky participates in some large exhibition every year.  For the first time in MALAYSIA BEAUTY EXP exhibition in Malaysia, Beautisky displayed a variety of new beauty equipment imported from Europe and skin care products, and with different local exhibitors to exchange.


Beautisky Medical 3 patents conference ; IMCAS ASIA 2010


The “Beautisky Medical 3 patents” press conference was held on 30 August 2010.  We introduced 3 latest devices – Imoove from France, New Midas from Korea and Selectif Pro from Israel.  After speech from Beautisky’s Director, Mr. Jackie Chung,

Dr. Delex Chan (Doctor of Naturopathy/M.ScNutrition)was invited to explain the topic about detoxification in our life. We gained valuable knowledge from his speech.


Medical Beauty Event IMCAS - International Master Course on Aging Skin was a large conference for professionals such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The aim was to provide a professional teaching and experience sharing. The newly introduced IMOOVE from Beautisky for fitness, slimming, rehabilitation and body functions was the highlight of the event IMCAS.


Beautisky, established in 2001 is a professional beauty instrument & products agent



Beautisky, established in 2001, is a professional beauty instrument & products agent.  We provide several internationally known & high quality importing products. We keep upgrading ourselves all the time, to introduce the most advanced beauty and medical technologies to the clients, leading the beauty industry to a new generation.

Professional, Technology, Service, Reputation, Quality” are our mission. Beautisky is keen on searching for the professional technology and comprehensive beauty theory, which aimed to gain the support and appreciation from our valuable clients.

With 10 years’ experience, Management team in Beautisky decided to develop horizontal operation in terms of marketing , the brand image has been built up and the corporate culture could be extended.


A Hainan Rendez-Vous unique event had been created in response to a growing China yachting market, providing a strong platform in which to present the industry and clients with a range of yachts alongside luxury lifestyle products and activities. Beautisky exhibited Imoove which was a unique device in the world, it was the first piece of equipment that could work the entire body, stimulating more than 90% of the muscular mass at once at the exhibition centre with more than 15,000 sq.meter.  Imoove proposes training aimed to everyone, which allows living better by retaining the flexibility and the muscular tonicity, improving joint mobility, preventing neurodegenerative diseases, and minimizing the effects of aging.

We were proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth, we were moving to a new location - Lippo Sun Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui on November 2011. The new office area was larger than before, providing better service and working environment for our customers and staffs.  Two well-designed demo rooms with various kind of aesthetic medical devices were provided in order to make service more caring and professional.


Revolutionary anti-aging technology conference


Beautisky organized “Revolutionary anti-aging technology” press conference on 21 Aug 2012.    XLASE was a unique combination of CPL and the popular Nd: YAG laser system.  DOUBLO used unique HIFU (High intensity intensive ultrasound) energy which could reach at the SMAS layer 4.5 mm below the skin surface, with the best result of skin tightening and lifting. Meanwhile, GENYAL 100% pure hyaluronic acid filler and KOSMETHOD anti-aging series were introduced as to offer more choices in the industry.


4.5mm invasive HIFU technology Sharing session


4.5mm invasive HIFU technology” Sharing session was held on the largest beauty exhibition in Asia – Cosmoprof 2013.  Beautisky introduced DOUBLO-SMAS from Korea with the latest HIFU technology.  Besides introduction of HIFU technology and theory, we invited famous artists such as Miss Hong Kong Sheila Chan and Natalie Ng in conduct demonstration. Our MC, famous DJ - Kitty Yuen also shared her amazing result after Doublo treatment, especially in face lifting effect.  Meanwhile, another mini RF devices Yal 3 and SUPERIOR skin care products from France were introduced.


2015 Beautisky innovative device conference


The “2015 Beautisky innovative device” press conference was held on Cosmoprof 2014. , introducing 2 popular devices – 2nd generation DOUBLO-S face and body lifting HIFU , and the latest optical device XLASE PLUS.  Besides introduction of the theory of both devices, we also invited many celebrities including Miss Hong Kong Sheila Chan, Joyce Chan, Lily Li and etc. to share their experiences after treatments.


2016 the best of aesthetic-medicine (Forward) ; 2016 aesthetic-medical press conference


During the largest beauty exhibition in the Asia – Cosmoprof, “the best of aesthetic-medicine (Forward)” was held.  2 innovative devices – Ultrashape V3 and Doublo-V were introduced.  Ultrashape was the first and only technology that was FDA cleared for non-invasive body shaping.  The device used pulsed, focused ultrasound to immediately and selectively destroy fat cells.  Meanwhile, famous celebrity Miss Asia Candy Lo shared her experience on treatment of Ultrashape V3.  Other than that, Miss Candy Lo introduced 1st world vaginal rejuvenation HIFU system – Doublo-V.  Its unique and patented HIFU technology could improve vaginal tightening, made the women more healthy and confident.

On 4 Dec 2015, Beautisky organized a “2016 aesthetic-medical press conference” with the introduction of Doublo-V and Ultrashape V3. We invited Dr. Doo, Jae- Kyun and famous Taiwan’s dermatologist Dr. Tseng to explain the theory and case studies of the two major aesthetic equipment.

In order to operate more efficiently and find new room for expansion, our company moved to new commercial area – Kwun Tong. We greet the new office ceremony on Oct 2016 and we were delighted to see many long-term clients and partners.


2017 BTL Vanquish - New Generation with Alliance conference


We invited famous movie director, Mr. Wilson Chin to share his amazing result after “BTL X-wave + Vanquish” treatment at our booth in the largest beauty event in Asia – Cosmoprof.  Mr. Chin highly recommend “BTL X-wave + Vanquish” treatment with the most convenient, comfortable and significant result.  His circumferential reduction of abdomen had been recorded as 2-3 cm after 2 times treatment.

2017 BTL Vanquish – New Generation with Alliance” press conference was held on 1 Nov 2016. Beautisky especially invited Dr Raj Acquilla as speaker in explain the mechanism of technology of BTL Vanquish which has been recognized by both the FDA and the EU's CE safety.  Dr Raj Acquilla was a UK Ambassador and Global Key Opinion Leader in Facial Medical Aesthetics. He had over 13 years’ experience in Cosmetic Dermatology.  Later, Ms. Jenny Lau, General Manager of Beautisky, introduced the latest medical-beauty alliance program, in which Beautisky was planning to import the latest and global top brands and exploring new business opportunities for customers.


2017-18 Federation of Beauty Industry (H.K.) the 7th Executive Committee Inauguration


Federation of Beauty Industry (H.K.) was established in 2004.  The establishment of FBI was a response to unify beauty industry and promote the sustainable development of beauty professionals in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the 2nd Hong Kong Outstanding Entrepreneur (Beauty Industry) and the 3rd Hong Kong Outstanding Beauty Salon Award Ceremony were held. The awards were designed to recognize a number of professionals who were performing to the highest industry standards. A total of 16 entrepreneurs and 28 beauty salons received awards. Among them, 6 were awarded the Prestige Award. They include: Mr. Chung Wai Ting, Mr. Chan Hok Man, Ms. Yip Lai King, Pink Beauty, Ore Beauty Centre and YAS-Beauty.

Beautisky International introduced and distributed the most advanced aesthetic and medical devices to the clients, leading the beauty industry.  Recently, Beautisky tend to be optimistic in the prospect of teeth whitening market, we introduced the world's first bipolar RF whitening instrument Y10 from Israel, and participated Hong Kong International Dental Expo and Symposium (HKIDEAS) 2017 exhibition before. We were pleased that the exhibition was fruitful with excellent demonstration results in an average of 2-5 to improve color level.


2018 香港美容從業聯會環球頂級美容健康品牌巡禮



Lead the slimming market further

Following the previous fat-breaking combination (ULTRASHAPE V3 x VANQUISH x XWAVE) to expand the business scope of beauty salons, it has received excellent response. This year, we will continue to introduce top-notch body shaping equipment – ​​VELASHAPE III waist essence: from Israel, certified by the US FDA , Using elos photoelectric synergy technology, a combination of bipolar radio frequency (150W) + infrared (850nm), combined with pulse suction, clinical medical research has shown that after 80% of women use it, the circumference of the abdomen is reduced by at least 2cm, and the fat is obvious within 2-8 weeks Reduce, truly regenerate connective tissue and collagen, improve cellulite fat, tighten skin, and reproduce fluid curves.


Expand the section, cooperate with market development, and enter the household market

Yitian International has always focused on the professional beauty field, and has successfully introduced a number of high-end and high-quality beauty equipment and products to customers. Over the years, it has been widely sought after by the industry. Now it has officially expanded its business to the home market. In recent years, there are great business opportunities in the home market. Yitian has launched different home appliances to cope with the market development:


‧PLASMA SHOWER (plasma beauty instrument)-brand new plasma technology, enhance skin absorption, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, smooth skin.

‧SNOR-STOP-Medical grade material, reduce snoring problems and improve sleep quality.

‧PANC (BB Smoothing Light)-One machine, dual-purpose, dual-band color light, combined with skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

Yitian International was awarded the World Top Beauty and Health Brand Tour [The Most Outstanding Supplier Supreme Award] organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Beauty Practitioners.










多年來勇奪優秀企業、管理等大獎,多個頂尖國際醫美大牌:Syneron Candela、Hironic、BTL Aestheics、Beautrix、Asterasys、Remed等都是怡天的合作夥伴,聯手呈獻革命性的卓越醫美技術。



怡天國際榮獲香港美容從業聯會成立三周年慶典 暨




怡天國際榮獲香港美容業總會成立15周年 暨






怡天國際有限公司 X 維愛社主辦單位



Be a Legend!!




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