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PGW Precision-GigaWave Technology
Extending Coolwaves Beyound
The Evolution in Non-Invasive Face Contouring



PGW Precision-GigaWave Technology
Extending Coolwaves Beyound

The Evolution in Non-Invasive Face Contouring

ONDA PRO Evolving Excellence

Key Principles
After the success of the ONDA Platform, DEKA has designed a specific handpiece,  introducing a new solution : PGW (Precision-GigaWave Technology), which allows to work in an even more precise and selective manner thereby extending the use of Coolwaves to the face in a safe, effective and non-invasive way.

A new handpiece enhances the performance of ONDA PRO: POCKET, characterized by a special
action depth which effects a specific tightening and lifting. It also reduces submental fat.

ONDA PRO is the new and sole revolutionary technology for face remodeling and reshaping.

The triple action of ONDA PRO :

Lifting -  Thanks to its proprietary PGW Technology, ONDA PRO’s Coolwaves are even more selective and produce a strong stretching effect on the face, thereby creating a powerful lifting effect.

Tightening - The deep action in the dermis produces an immediate shrinkage of collagen fibers and new collagen production makes tissues compact and toned.

Cellulite & Fat Reduction - Coolwaves and PWG Technology deeply destroy the membranes of subcutaneous fat cells. The result is a precise body and face remodeling.

Pocket Handpiece : Ergonomically designed to optimize efficacy in face areas

Fully precise
Handpieces are specifically designed to emit Coolwaves ® in a controlled way. Thanks to the novel PGW Technology the energy focuses only where it is needed (depending on the different depth of the handpiece action) and the surrounding tissue is totally preserved.

Different Penetration Depths for Different Indications for Use

The three handpieces, Deep, Shallow and Pocket differ in their depth of action. Each one is
designed for different areas and applications.

A Smart Integrated Cooling System
A contact skin cooling system is embedded into the handpieces and counterbalances the heat induced by microwaves. The superficial dermis is preserved, ensuring total patient comfort and minimizing side effects and inflammation.


PGW Technology and Mechanism of Action

Microwaves energy is delivered onto the target: Energy is now more precisely confined, causing different effects in selected areas at different penetration depths.

PGW Precision-GigaWave Technology

Coolwaves and PGW Technology are the Last Frontier in Aesthetics

Coolwaves were introduced in 2018 as the first technology in the world that utilizes special and safe microwaves for the treatment of localized adiposities, cellulite and skin laxity all over the body, in particular on the abdomen, thighs and hips: they dissolve fat, tighten and contour the skin, firming up tissues.

Thanks to the efficacy of the novel PGW
(Precision-GigaWave Technology) microwaves are the most requested treatment by celebrities in the USA.

The Floor to Practitioners

I have over 25 years’ experience in the use of RF systems and other energy-based devices, however I have recently discovered ONDA PRO
and I was impressed by the results of its coolwaves on the face. I had the intuition that microwaves were a turning point in the face market and I was right. I use ONDA PRO for lifting, tightening and also to reduce fat and I obtain incredible results. The reason of its efficacy is the correct action depth: With ONDA PRO we have the possibility to use handpieces with different action depth (3mm and 7mm) based on the treatment
type (more action on the dermis or on fat). The result is a complete lifting effect, brightening and smoothness of face skin with no downtime and minimal/tolerable discomfort”.
Dr. Joseph SeokBae Seo, MD
Dermatologist (South Korea)

Onda PRO is a new platform which, starting from its historical application in body shaping, we can now apply to the skin of the face. It is also very effective for droopy and saggy skin because we can exploit this kind of energy - the special microwaves - not only on the fat of the face but also interacting with the collagen, so we can personalize this application by using different handpieces: The 3mm (Pocket) and 7mm (the larger for the fat tissue of face), so that we can even adapt this kind of tool for any kind of indication we have: Larger face, saggy skin, tightening, real lifting. Thanks to this kind of energy we have virtually no side effects: It’s totally painless, only a modest sensation of burning and we don’t have any kind of erythema or swelling. We can solve several problems: We’ve reduced our surgery at least of a 50% of cases because we can get wonderful liftings of the face (great interaction with laxity and collagen fibers). One of the features of this energy, compared with RF is the prolonged thermal injury to the tissue: There are great results even in the contiguous area (i.e low eyelide and jawline) since they are affected by thermal diffusion. This makes this procedure unique in the market because we don’t have any other tool capable of effecting this kind of result. In conclusion we can say ONDA PRO - in the particular application to the face - can be considered an iconic procedure in the cosmetic field, and in the tightening and lifting process of the face. We attain excellent results without the use of consumables.”
Prof. Paolo Bonan, MD- Dermatologist
Florence (Italy)

ONDA PRO Strengths

• ONDA PRO Coolwaves are more selective and effective thanks to the novel PGW Technology
Coolwaves are the first-ever non-invasive fat reduction and tighetening and remodelling treatment
• Suitable for all skin types
No social downtime or bruising
A fantastic experience It doesn’t hurt like invasive and painful surgical body treatments
Triple selective action based on different handpiece action depths
• Focus on Safety and Efficacy
No unnecessary disposable materials



















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