Body Shaping

Salus Talent A 肌緊30

【Salus Talent A 肌緊30】


KFDA • CE  Electromagnetic Stimulation
30 MIN - ONE machine with 3 effects

Salus Talent A 肌緊30
‧Increase muscle and Reduce fat
‧Improve Pain Problem
‧Rehabilitate weak pelvic muscles

Salus Talent A  ─ Non-Invasive, No Exercise, No diet


Since its foundation in 2003, REMED has been specialized in researching and developing world class products to treat brain disorders such as depression, anxiety, stroke and Parkin’s.

REMED has successfully introduced state-of-art TMS device, TAMAS first of its kind in Asia, and is expanding its product portfolio to meet the diverse clinical needs from the world.

In addition, REMED has been manufacturing pain therapy devices using advanced electromagnetic stimulation, shockwave (RSWT) and laser technologies.

Electromagnetic Stimulation

A series of Salus Talent products generate magnetic field of 2~3 Tesla which is about 400~600 times stronger than the normal bar magnet and penetrates deep inside of the body.

This strong electromagnetic power  has made Physiotherapists provide highly effective and fundamental treatment for acute and chronic pains.

Salus Talent A
muscle training

The non-contact electromagnetic field technology aims at stimulating the motor neurons of the muscles to make the muscles perform high-intensity exercises. 30 minutes can perform 30,000 exercise contractions, strengthen the muscles, and accelerate the metabolism of fat.

Salus Talent A
Growing Demands on Feminine Health

Urinary Incontinence (UI) is an uncontrolled urine leakage caused by
- Aging
- Vaginal delivery
- Pelvic floor surgery
- Radical prostatectomy
- Chronic prostate inflammation

In June 1998, US FDA approved electromagnetic stimulation as a method of conservative treatment for urinary incontinence to restore neuromuscular control and rehabilitate weak pelvic muscles

Salus Talent A
Improve Pain Problem

The strong magnetic field (applying eddy current deep inside) passes through clothes, tissues and bones, which stimulates the region of treatment deep inside the body.










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